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[Music] welcome to oh no you gotta start out the same way every time vape crafts where we do cool stuff all the time but if we don’t maintain consistency and start off with hey guys it’s tiffany with vapecraft here with kendra from vapecraft what we are at the same company today we are going to be doing a diy e-liquid creation for your viewing and our tasting pleasure we have the basic cast of regular things that you will need for this so we have propylene glycol aka pg aka the thing that makes it so that the liquid doesn’t clog the coil vegetable glycerin or the thing that makes it so it tastes good also known as vg it is super thick this is what makes clouds and is a really great flavor producer naturally a little bit sweet then we have really decent array of flavors for today we are going to be going with glazed donut marshmallow sweet strawberry kiwi orange creamsicle guava and pineapple we’re gonna make something at least that is going to be the software side of things for hardware we have a couple of empty bottles we have 30 and 60 ml bottles to put our tasty creations a small beaker to measure everything into and mix in a five mil syringe so that we can measure out flavoring accurately a couple of lure locker blunt needle tips so that we can actually get deep into the flavorings and not just dip the syringe in there an extremely high tech piece of equipment here a plastic fork or plastic knife for what to mix to make it easier to get everything out of the bottles instead of giving ourselves hand cramps my trusty why is this called bottle opener because every single one of our bottles has a little dip in the side where you can the little cap off it makes it a lot easier if you’re either mixing flavors like we’re going to be doing mixing your e-liquids which hit us up i’ve got a couple of suggestions if you’re condensing bottles now and you have a little bit of one and a little bit of another and you want to put them into one bottle so you can get rid of trash and the most important piece for the whole thing without it we wouldn’t be able to do any of the tasting we’re using an rda today just to make sure that we can actually quickly and easily change flavors as we’re going back and forth quick easy drip my trusty e-leaf pico squeeze squonk tank oh godly gross out oh my gosh for making your own e-liquids you want to start with your vgpg base for sub-ohm vaping suggested is going to be 70-30 you can push that to 80-20 with the higher number being vg if you were adding nicotine you would also be factoring that in we are not we’re making this as easy as possible on ourselves as a side note if you are using nicotine make sure you are donning proper protection gear gloves ideally something to cover your eyes or mouth because there can be splashback you want to make sure that your surface is protected because nicotine can stain but it is also technically toxic so you get it on your skin you will potentially get nicotine poisoning keep yourself safe please safety first all flavorings that we have are going to be a pg base they are not vg based so you want to factor in the volume of flavoring into the final ratio that you’re making so if i was doing just a completely naked juice with no flavoring it would just be seven to three clink that simple when you start adding in flavors you want to get a good ratio of flavor i like to start at 10 percent of the full volume so if we’re going to go with a 30 ml bottle then that would be roughly 3 milliliters of flavor that can jump all the way up to 20 percent or 6 mls of flavor in this size bottle which then would bring that down a little bit for how much actual pg we’re going to put it same thing with buying pre-made bases like our in the buff keep that kind of thing in mind you might want to consider getting an extra bottle of vg just to supplement to keep the right actual ratio for vaping i tend to just automatically do 75 because it’s easier to think of things that way for me i’m just going to start off with a base 22.5 milliliters of vg because everything else will be pg or flavoring i’m proud of myself for doing that map without having to use a calculator everyone else should be too i’d clap for you if i could i appreciate the sarcasm the secret backup support of paper towels to make sure that i don’t make a mess seriously way easier than trying to pry that off we’re doing we’re like evil scientists i mean not evil scientists we’re just like fun fun scientists that are also evil that was actually a pretty solid 20 mil pour slow and steady wins the race here 22 cause she thick yeah no it’s very very very very very very very viscous once you’ve finished with your measurements my favorite way of putting the caps back on is just brace around the mouth done so how much of this guy we put in there um should we do flavoring flavor first because we want a good scent yes before we put more pg in so which flavor should we make first well i think we both want something with marshmallow yes so how much flavoring do we put in does it just depend on it depends on the flavoring so different flavorings do have different concentrations of flavor which doesn’t make any sense because they should all be flavoring concentrate just like sometimes you get an orange and it’s super juicy and super orange-y and sometimes you get an orange and a super knot if you’ve ever had a dry orange it makes perfect sense same thing there like different flavors have different concentrations so some flavors are more of a light flavor and you would need to add more to your final mix it smells pretty uh mellow to me all right well i would say do a full probably two milliliters of that because it is such a light flavor go for a full ten percent straight off the bat matching what we have in here so find the little divot point there’s a little point in the bottle oh i see that it’s magical and it makes it so much easier and then you just grab the cap nice and easy once i realized that worked it was a game changer you get to do the honors so we’re doing two full mellow leaders perfect it’s a brace and in that way it’s in there it was the next flavor you know we’ve already introduced our flavor cast let’s make it so we’re not just blindly trying to do this wobble was strong if i remember right it has a little bit of a tart i would say possibly not even maybe 0.3 milliliters of that 1.3 yeah super tiny amount how much is point three right there yeah that’s close enough when you’re measuring in super small amounts every drop counts i kind of want to toss in some of the strawberry stuff yeah because strawberry guava sounds like a good combo find it lock it locked and loaded pop it and lock it that is very strong right so same thing there i would probably do a little bit like that same super tiny like about point three missed you think that’s it well we are just shy unless we do some donut you want to do donuts i’m down for some donuts let’s see what it smells like yeah oh that smells like play-doh smell it that’s eerie it does kind of smell like play-doh is it smells like childhood why why does it smell like that but that sounds smells like it’s very potent very poo so i would you even that is why we have our favorite things here fun fact pg is very watery so we don’t really need to worry too much now it smells like play-doh everywhere well we’re in a nursery now i want somebody to get more paper towels yeah i’ve almost brought the roll with me just to be safe i know hindsight you want me to go there is no use crying over spilled flavoring we’ll be right back guys oh it’s there’s like more than half left yeah okay do you want to clap yes no not that the clap board honey all right so i know everything smells like blade out i know maybe it’s the glazed part it’s like glazed donuts i think it’s hard to get a flavor that tastes like fried food like i thought that guava and that strawberry were potent but this is super cool let’s do it just do it and now for the pg noises that one you actually want to do with the nozzle because we’re just going up to the 30 milliliter point so we’re literally only adding in about oh would that be like three milliliters at most you could use the syringe but there’s a measurement there it’s also an evidence point of why you don’t want to make your e-liquids by squeezing the bottles this way and my method makes a lot more sense this is why i brought paper towels over here in case i mean it’s like literally the last time my hand smelled like this was after playing with play-doh as a six-year-old all right and from there so probably actually easier with a fork but we’ve started with a knife so that’s what we’re going to stick with and then here’s mix it’s gooey because it has very very very high vg pg almost feels like a water base so it does not necessarily want to mix in with the vg which means that your e-liquid is basically perpetually fighting itself and just wants to be separated from itself it’s a sad story that is super strawberry that we didn’t put but it was like four or something a little bit of everything in there i’m not smelling much of the marshmallow but that’s so good i kind of i don’t know yeah that’s an interesting flavor shall we take her for a test ride it’s gonna be good or it’s gonna make us want to cry who knows rda brand new fresh cotton here we go we pour into a bottle oh if you go from above yeah all the spills making e-liquid is a messy messy business vanished to the off-screen locking it in once it’s in the bottle still give it a couple of shakes just make sure everything is properly distributed same as with all e-liquids they can settle especially since this is very freshly made you just want to make sure it’s all together let’s drop her on there yeah this is seriously brand new like dry cotton so i will be doing a couple of burns with this just to also see how it smells if i was putting this in a tank i’d be adding more pg to thin it out because it is still very thick but because i’m putting it on a drip i don’t have to worry about it clogging a coil or burning anything out because it won’t strip across the coil and the fun part oh very interesting i do smell that that strawberry is strong the first couple of drugs if you don’t do that offer fresh cotton are just gross you taste the cotton and not the liquid very foggy i guess i’m a little bit of a blonde would you like the honor church do you want me to make sure that it tastes okay like in terms of the cotton itself whichever way do you just hold the button yep it’s all ready to go oh she heavy yes [Music] i’m definitely smelling the strawberry really heavily it’s really mellow flavor i’m picking up actually a lot of the guava yeah yeah i’m tasting most of the fruits don’t really get at that much taste of the marshmallow or the i feel like the donut is on that after buying yeah i’m getting that buttery from the donut yeah just a little bit i’m really surprised that i’m not getting more strawberry or not getting more marshmallow given that we did so much marshmallow four times more marshmallow than we did all three other flavors combined it really shows how each flavor is different in the concentration of that flavor yeah well do we have a new vapecraft flavor i would say no on the rise this one could be in development but it’ll never hold a candle to maryland that’s true marilyn is just far too good for its own good bombshell line gotta get that bombshell just a bomb although i can see myself vaping this like all day yeah yeah that little hint from the glazed donut is definitely rounding that out and i would actually kind of want to put a little bit more strawberry in and then remember with an rda if the cotton goes dry and it tastes horrifying when do you uh put more in there whatever you want i’m gonna add actually more strawberry should we add some more marshmallow too i think that’s gonna be more of an undertone and it might be brought out more by the sweet strawberry okay so 15 drops is one milliliter fun fact 15 drops one milliliter so i’m just going to do four drops bump that up one two three and four doesn’t seem like much but it’s flavor concentrate so it is definitely in there that’s why i hit hard always check before you put the cap back on because that’s the easiest way to either shake juice all over yourself or pop a cap over your whole table desk and self you turn like a polaroid did you ever have to shake a polaroid picture yeah you’re not supposed to you’re not i was would say i have before but i’ve heard that you’re not supposed to shake one it takes all those little developing chemicals from the bottom white portion and pushes them up and through into so many polaroids there’s a small child doing that i wonder whoever said to shake it you know what i mean like who did that was it from that song well it was a thing you would shake it to make it develop faster but it didn’t do anything but before technology times they were a hell of a time it was my decision to add more strawberry good or a terrible terrible mistake i feel like you could taste more of the donut than i did before now maybe i was just focusing on it i don’t know because i’m tasting more of the strawberry definitely and it’s a very very very subtle shift over barely perceptible but there is more strawberry on the inhale and it’s really surprising literally four drops of flavoring in a 30 ml bottle can make that much of a difference four drops flavoring concentrates the science it’s very imperfect but it’s a science after all you know it’s just vape juice i’m tasting more of the glaze too now so that’s just an overpoweringly powerful flavor good to know that that play-doh [ __ ] definitely just wrecks everything would you want to do just a fruity fruity fruity fruit i’m really curious as to how much marshmallow you have to put in before it hits tasting like a marshmallow right at what point is it enough marshmallow because with marshmallows there’s no such thing as enough marshmallow that’s true stolen straight vape marshmallow flavoring do not do this do not do this should we just do all the olive oil fruity fruits so orange pineapple guava strawberry orange cream and sweet strawberry sound like they would be great together so we know that the strawberry is super potent you can also measure your pg before your vg this time i think that we should do a 60. okadoke’s 60 ml bottle man that is super potent like i can smell it all the way over here like it’s not like it’s super far but it’s just surprising with doing it as a 60 that means we will be adding a total of six milliliters of flavor i’m thinking let’s go all out and do a full milliliter of strawberry all right of course what happens is we add more vg yeah or just overwhelm it with donuts sounds like a plan right that’s it one sweet strawberry okay you want to add guava to oh i thought we were adding all of them all the fruit let’s see yeah it’s like orange dream from vapecraft right orange dream which is one of my all-time favorites so this one smells good but i feel like it’s going to not be creamy enough so i’m going to supplement i think with that marshmallow okay so we have one in there i’m adding two orange we can add some pineapple too that’d make it interesting we don’t need no guava guava’s just so strong it’s as a pineapple yep that’s most potent though oh like it’s gonna go like that’s gonna go farther pineapple so we are at three so you want to say i had like a tiny bit of that guy like that two little lines the barest minimum point four milliliters of pineapple and we’re gonna add some marshmallows and we’re gonna do marshmallow for the rest so that is 3.6 marshmallow honestly that my brain is doing basic madness you can make this even more accurate by using a small scale then you’d have to know what the average imperial weight of each one of the flavors is and it is going to be a little bit different for each one all right so we have all flavoring that smells really good actually it does smell good so that is at six milliliters if we’re going for a 70 30 in a 60 ml that would be 18 total milliliters of pg if we have six that means we need an additional 12. so this time we’ll actually measure i won’t be evil this time or we can just go to yeah because if we have six in there right now then it means we need six of this basic math skills are definitely not being my strong suit today don’t have any mascots so you’re you’re ahead of me you can stir your flavorings into your pg to get them to disperse a little bit easier once the vg is done now we just go to the 60. the pg still will float to the top good to know i think kendra might be better at mixing this up than i am it really does not want to mix no it doesn’t he’s more likely to mix it’s like trying to make a salad dressing yeah and the oil and the vinegar just don’t want to go together at all oh it’s kind of mixing it gets there you can make e-liquids mixed together a little bit faster if you warm up the vg and bring them to a closer general viscosity i am smelling so much pineapple still but also creamy that one smells really nice oh i wanna i wanna vape that [Music] fill it the rest of the way with glazed doughnut i’m just gonna make glazed donut jokes for like the rest of forever because i was not expecting that at all cheese i think there’s still a little bit of that old flavor in there there is but i could taste it without completely killing the cotton and redoing it it’s still going to have a little bit of that undertone yeah which is why you always kind of want to go from one flavor into a complimentary flavor instead of doing like a stark i’m gonna vape coffee and then i’m gonna vape candy watermelon yeah like that won’t work but easing your way through them definitely does still taste the old flavor but it’s not bad definitely creamier a little bit of that orange cream definitely did well a lot of it i guess two milliliters but creamy flavor with marshmallow definitely created a more rich flavor yeah and i taste the pineapple in there too but it’s not like it’s not super it’s not like kicking you in the face with a pineapple yeah we’re not throwing the pineapple at your head someone in the next room over over’s eating a pineapple and you can smell it yeah not quite sparkling water pineapple but i don’t know if i’m allowed to say brand names that’s actually really really nice i like it too nice i feel like it needs something a little bit more sweet in it possibly huh but i don’t know that would be an exploration into 510 thread vape china sweeteners and how they enhance your flavors please don’t it just glaze donuts dump it in oh gosh you can still taste it in there i still think though that this one right here i would happily vape all day even with that little tint of play-doh i’m just stuck because the desk smells like it now yeah this whole room is just going to smell like play-doh it’s going to basically be a nursery at that point someone take care of this i miss i mean me well guys thank you for joining us in our diy adventures you too can get all of these diy supplies on vg and pg are 3.99 and flavoring starts also at 3.99 all right well this is uh tiffany and kendra we’re just trying to get each other i don’t know this is tiffany and kendra see you to see it is signing off [Music]