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The Cloaked Singer fans divulge which renown is rump Vampire

Fans of The Disguised Singer experience made their guesses as to WHO they suppose is hindquarters the Vampire costume.

During Tuesday’s instalment of the Transmit 10 show, Lamia did a dance resembling the everyday in Michael Jackson’s classic Thriller euphony video recording.

Former clues included candles that wouldn’t quench and Pietro Perugino’s picture The Bluray Resurrection Free Full Movie of Christ.

The Masked Singer Australia SPOILER: Fans are convinced they know which celebrity is behind the Vampire costume

The Disguised Singer Australia SPOILER: Fans are confident they know which celebrity is arse the Vampire costume

Viewers are convinced the renown rear the mask is American Isaac M. Singer Anastacia.

‘If Lamia isn’t Anastacia I’ll be shocked.I can’t conceive of World Health Organization else it could maybe be who sounds the likes of that,’ single mortal tweeted.

‘Oh, Anastasia is delivery it as the Lamia – what a operation!’ another wrote.

Are they correct? Viewers are convinced the celebrity behind the mask is American singer Anastacia (pictured September 9, 2021, in Venice)

Are they even off?Viewers are positive the renown behind the masquerade is American Singer Anastacia (pictured September 9, 2021, in Venice)

A tertiary said: ‘Anastasia, you are cleanup it as Lamia on The Cloaked Isaac M. Singer – chills!’

‘Pretty trusted that Vampire is Anastasia…Sounds the likes of her,’ a quarter in agreement.

‘Anastasia has to be Vampire! Such an awing and unequalled voice,’ unmatchable spectator tweeted.

'Anastasia has to be Vampire!' Fans shared their theories about Vampire on Twitter (pictured)

‘Anastasia has to be Vampire!’ Fans shared their theories nearly Lamia on Twitter (pictured)

‘Anastasia is Vampire!That carrying into action was epical!’ another aforementioned.

Others had differing opinions around WHO Lamia could be.

Unmatchable winnow speculated it was puff poove Courtney Act, piece another guessed it could be comedian Kitty Flanagan.

The Cloaked Isaac Bashevis Singer continues Sunday at 7:30pm on Communication channel 10

Who is behind the mask? Others had differing opinions about who Vampire could be, with one fan speculating it was drag queen Courtney Act

Who is buttocks the cloak? Should you liked this post and you would like to receive details concerning generously visit the site.  Others had differing opinions approximately who Lamia could be, with unrivalled devotee speculating it was dredge queen regnant Courtney Act


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