Ozalla Power tussle

In Ozalla Owan West Local Government Area of Edo State, tensions escalate following the contentious revocation of chieftaincy titles belonging to prominent figures, including Uyi Oduwa-Malaka, the Edo State Commissioner for Arts, Culture, Tourism, and Diaspora Affairs, also known as the Uzoyare of Ozalla Kingdom, and George Ohioma, alias Armani; Ozemevboya of Ozalla Kingdom. Eyewitnesses, who confided in OwanPost, shed light on the unfolding saga.

The pivotal moment occurred during a ceremonial event commemorating the Ivbamen festival, graced by dignitaries such as Blessing Agbebaku, the Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, and Dickson Ahonsi, Chairman of Owan West Local Government. As speeches concluded, tension mounted when Commissioner Oduwa-Malaka sought to address the assembly but was promptly rebuffed by Dr. Osumah Obaze, the spokesperson for the Onotare of Ozalla.

Dr. Obaze’s action stemmed from an alleged incident where the commissioner, on a prior visit to the palace, purportedly remained in her vehicle and dispatched a messenger to convey her messages. Upon being informed of the commissioner’s visit, Dr. Obaze, preoccupied with other engagements, reportedly declined to meet her, triggering apparent frustration from Commissioner Oduwa-Malaka.

The unfolding narrative points to a clash of egos and perceived disrespect for traditional protocols, escalating into a controversial decision to strip the commissioner and another individual of their esteemed chieftaincy titles. 

In the escalating tensions it emerges that George Ohioma, alias Armani Ozemevboya, was also implicated in confrontations with both the spokesperson and the secretary of the kingdom. Eyewitnesses recount a scene fraught with aggression and discord.¬†Accounts suggest that Ohioma’s demeanor mirrored that of Commissioner Uyi Oduwa-Malaka.

The altercation further underscores simmering tensions and underlying power dynamics within the Ozalla, warranting a comprehensive investigation into the events leading up to the controversial revocations of chieftaincy titles. As the narrative unfolds, probing deeper into these interwoven complexities becomes imperative to grasp the full extent of the situation and its broader implications for the community’s cohesion and governance.