Uncle Dave Is One Man Who Has Commanded My Respect And Selfless Admiration: Christopher Ojo

Christopher Ojo and David Adodo

Former House of Representatives Aspirant from Owan Federal Constituency, Mister Christopher Ojo has saluted the incorrigibility status of Uncle David Adodo as he celebrates his birthday anniversary.

Man-Of-God-Pikin, as  Christopher is fondly called by his late father’s allies, said Uncle David Adodo is a man who has commanded his respect and selfless admiration in their years of enviable bonhomie.

Ojo noted that he has gone to places with Adodo globally given that he Adodo is a cosmopolitan personality who radiates excellence in business adventurism. Conversely, he added that Adodo is a perfectionist who stops at nothing but sheer excellence in all he does.

“Uncle Adodo is a family man that is not given to proclivity or ever carried away by the hubris of money making, he prioritizes his family first and how he’s able to strike this difficult balance is one of things that have caught my fancy about him.

“Those who know him know that he’s an economic behemoth who is almost only disposed to his strong allies, egg headed people and members of his family. Adodo is almost a reclusive person who does not appreciate fulsome praises for the ways he assists others. He’s a man who has crossed many rivers with success stories to tell,yet he’s extremely jovial and humble”

“I am deeply saddened that I am currently out of the United States of America where we usually observe the annual ritual of treating him to a sumptuously  dinner to commemorate the occasion of his birthday . Being that as it may, I have decided to do so in arrears as soon as I return to our homestead”.

“Uncle Dave apart from being a father figure to countless youths across the continent, he remains my father in the USA and he has played the cognate patriarchal role on several occasions which stimulated my conviction that also, he’s a divine helper to me”.

“I sincerely do wish him well, I celebrate him on behalf of my household and It is my genuine prayer that he continues to enjoy the fruit of his labor in sound mind, good health and divine protection from the Most high God.Happy Birthday to you Uncle Dave.Concluded the Distinguished Christopher Ojo.